Lisa Hetrick
Lisa Hetrick
Owner + Creative Director
Hi, I'm Lisa Hetrick. I'm so grateful you are here.

Be Like Water. Water Always Finds a Way.

It’s all about BEGINNINGS.

In my entire 25+ year career as a creative in design, illustration and marketing, I’ve worn many hats, worked in and across many industries, won awards, led great teams, worked with amazing creatives, designed and brought products to market, owned and operated several companies, climbed a couple of industry ladders, etc., and so on, you get the picture. You can read more about my professional career on LinkedIn.

You know what happened when I got to the top of the ladder? I didn’t like the view…

And somewhere around 2003, there was a surfacing, and my career took a turn. I broke away and started two companies of my own. I spent 10 years building those two businesses, eventually merging the two into one. In late 2012, I found myself staring at a fork in the road, and I made plans to go down a path. I launched a new website, and began to build my personal design brand. But, I had this nagging feeling I was heading in the wrong direction. I corrected my course. Along the way, I learned a little something about myself.

Sometimes unusual situations lead to new insights.

I discovered my SUPERPOWER was to use my career experience and creative vision to help OTHER business owners, entrepreneurs and marketing departments articulate and solve their greatest marketing challenges. I found I was MOST HAPPY in my work when I was helping other people GET STARTED on their BEGINNINGS. I wanted to expand and create a company that would focus on casting the net a little wider.

Indigojade Creative, LLC was realized!

Beginnings. Partnerships. And Casting the Net a Little Wider.

Sometimes the hardest part is GETTING STARTED! Do you feel that way? If you do, I'd love to talk with you about your greatest marketing challenges.

I believe that opportunities increase when you help others WIN! That's why we work closely with industry leaders to help serve our clients better. Read more about our partnerships for success!

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