Brands that Matter. Acure Organics Nails It!

01/18/2016 - 6 minutes read

Acure Organics Nails Their Packaging!

Great brand experiences coupled with well executed design and messaging can help increase customer engagement, sell more product and create repeat business. Acure Organics Nails their experience as well as their design.

Period! FACT! Yep, we said it! As a company focused on developing creative with experience in mind, we spend quite a bit of time educating our clients about why every facet of the experience matters–including design and messaging.This led me to sharing a recent experience and why I think Acure Organics has NAILED IT!Let’s start with a little disclaimer, shall we? I’m not a beauty blogger. Acure did not send me any product to review. I don’t spend hours on hair and makeup. I’m happy to do it all in 15 minutes or less. I do; however, care about what I put in and on my body. I buy, consume and regularly use products from companies that are safe, chemical free and/or as chemical free as possible, recyclable, sustainable, good for the planet and all the stuff that, well, MATTERS.I’m just like everyone else. I buy stuff. I need and pay for services. I research brands. I make choices. My final choices are ALWAYS swayed by my experience, every touch point, everything I see, every person I talk to, right on down to the PRODUCT PACKAGING. Yep, I said packaging.

Why does it matter? It’s just a thing you toss, right? Um . . . NO.

Design matters, and it can be an influencing factor in buying patterns. While some are not consciously aware of the degree to which emotions drive purchases, it’s there. Brands that NAIL IT know this and use emotion to guide their efforts in design.

Consistent Messaging that NAILS IT

  • Aside from the fact their product line is pure, sustainable, chemical free, natural, organic and all the things I look for, their tagline NAILS IT, “It’s not enough to be natural. It also has to work.” They put it right out there, and hold themselves to that standard.
  • They have a great philosophy that was the foundation for launching their brand.
  • They are honest, transparent, open and share it on their website.


  • They’ve dedicated an equal amount of time, effort and sweat equity into the presentation and packaging of their products. It aligns with their stellar, high quality ingredients. It feels good when I hold it. This is important, it means they care about every level of experience you have with their product.
  • They get it. They’re consistent. And the witty marketing copy on the back of their shampoo bottles makes me laugh. “Feel free to belt out some horrible 80s tune that you listen to when nobody’s around. Whatever, you totally do it.” C’mon you know you know you want to use the bottle as a microphone!
  • Their packaging is recyclable, printed responsibly, uses typography well (this is a sticking point for me), information clearly explained and readable, and beautifully designed. The entire line has been well thought out from a “family” of products standpoint. It’s consistent in every way, from boxes to labels to tubes to glass bottles. When you pull the entire product line together (and um I think I may have almost the entire line), you have an immediate impression of what you are about to experience. I LOVE THAT!

Set aside the fact that I’m a little geeky when it comes to noticing design elements in packaging (Acure Organics has a color coded palette for their serum-like products, yep I noticed). I have quite a collection going in my office from a lot of the brands I love. I could wax poetic about other levels of experience I’ve had with Acure Organics through the website, social media, shopping experience and customer service.


When I received a package I ordered, they threw in some freebies. That experience mattered enough to me, I gave them a shout out on Twitter. And, they tweeted me right back. That’s brand loyalty and engagement in ACTION.

Brand Bottom Line:

The entire experience matters. And when I opened up that box and got a little giddy at what I saw… they had me.

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