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02/04/2016 - 5 minutes read

A linky round-up to raise your vibration, and get your mind racing!

For your weekend reading pleasure. Here’s this week’s linky round-up of great reads to balance your life and nourish your mind!


From 99U: Well, because it’s Star Wars and we’re geeky like that. Lessons in Creativity from Star Wars The Force Awakens is a great article share about special effects in the movie. Complete with thumbnail sketches this article breaks down the creative and thought process. WHO doesn’t love a thumbnail sketch? Hello!

Also from 99U: LOVED this article discussing creativity and mind shifts. A must read! If you depend on your creativity for your living, then your most valuable piece of equipment is not your computer, smartphone, camera, or any other hi-tech gadget. HINT: It’s small, gray and weights approximately 2 lbs.

From The Creativity Post:  How Creativity Makes us Feel Alive takes a deep dive into the creative process. “People who achieve extraordinary inner transformation find creative ways of solving problems, coping with emotional challenges, accepting themselves and others, and giving back.” Great read that will will make you think!


Health is state of complete harmony of the body, mind and spirit. We use our Superpowers to help clients in the health, wellness and recovery space. Here are our body, mind and spirit picks of the week.

From Well+Good: One of or favorite spots on the interwebs for great information about your healthiest self  The BEST Superfood Soups you can make in 30 minutes or less is definitely bookmark worthy. Our favorite is the Asian Quinoa Broth Bowl with the Mediterranean Lentil Soup coming in at a close second!

From Mind, Body, Green: This weekend’s SuperBowl will be the most sustainable Ever. What? From solar panels to locally-sourced, organic food options, to encouraging fans to bring their own reusable water bottles, this year’s Super Bowl organizers are doing some good for the planet.

Also from Mind, Body, Green: In keeping with this weekends Super Bowl theme, here’s a wholesome Super Bowl party snack that won’t disappoint. Chock full of antioxidants, this snack is super easy to make and is full of fiber. Enjoy!

TechLIFE >>> Because We’re Geeky Like That!

This week, the TechLIFE linky shares are all focused around TYPOGRAPHY.

Typography is an ART. Good typography is ART -Paul Rand

Eating Made Easy

Source: Plated

From the Elegant Themes Blog: Here’s the run-down on Web Design Trends for 2016. What caught our eye… TYPOGRAPHY. Improved typography will be making a bolder statement this year. AND…the use of more serifs and hand-writing styles. Increased screen resolutions and responsive designs are helping typography play a more significant role in website design. Exciting times for type geeks!

Also from the Elegant Themes Blog: 20 Typography Trends to Pay Attention to in 2016 strikes a chord with it’s discussion about the ever-rising interest in digital typography for, you guessed it, all of our devices! Check out the list of 20 Typography Trends for 2016. Script type is making a comeback and will have increased presence within our digital space, softening the techy blow our eyes have become accustomed to on our screens. Don’t think this means you can break out BRUSH SCRIPT people! That’s just never a good idea. All script type is not created equal. Tee Hee!

And Yet ANOTHER Typography Post: This one’s a boomerang from NICETYPE Good Typography on Vimeo. The motion typography in this video JUST ROCKS! This animated typeface is a collaborative work taking animated typography to a whole new level. Read the Q+A from the creators. Great stuff people!

Go forth. Read. Share and Enjoy!

If you enjoyed our linky round-up and can’t wait to see what we have to share next. Drop us a line and tell us what you liked best!

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