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A brand is more than products or services offered by a company under a particular name. It's not your logo. It's YOU. Your employees. Your customers. Your brand is the emotional and experiential associations people feel when they connect with you.

Your brand is how you make people feel, and it's what they think of, when they think of YOU.

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Our branding process is grounded in research. We spend time with you. Dive in. Dig deep and uncover the sweet spot in your business, so we can develop personalized marketing solutions for your business.

Looking to attract new customers? Maybe you're a brand new company and need bring your products and services to market. Let us help you identify and position your brand's sweet spot!

Branding work completed for Dr. Gregory Jantz and The Center, A Place of HOPE was developed in partnership with Karuna Consulting. Posted with permission by Karuna Consulting and Dr. Gregory Jantz.